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In Sheri's words

It has been a great journey and I have loved knocking on doors and meeting so many wonderful people.  I so enjoyed talking with all of you!  Please know I will put the residents first and will work to overturn ordinances that are at the root of the over development.  We must lower the parking meters back to a dollar an hour and shut them off at 6pm.......and BAN Fill and Build!  Thank you so much!

In Sheri's Words

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 Sheri has been speaking out for two years to the Mayor and Councilmen on the urbanization taking place and how they are violating the private property rights of the citizens of Charleston. 

She became alarmed as she heard the West Ashley Revitalization Commission talk about forcing people to "cough up the easement", "plans for every square inch of West Ashley" and telling the citizens of Ashleyville and Maryville "we have affordable housing for you". 

Translation, they wanted to force them out of their homes and into the projects. The final straw that prompted Sheri to run for mayor was when she learned the City plans to turn the right lanes of 17 and 61 into bus lanes only and the left lanes into toll lanes only! 

She knew then, the only way to stop this destruction of our suburbs and loss of our private property rights was to run for mayor. 


The Platform


Stop the urbanization of West Ashley. Let’s preserve our suburbs. No more building right up to the road and STOP with the Communist type architecture.

Votes recorded and posted on the City of Charleston website. No more voice votes. The citizens have a right to know how every city councilman votes.

OPPOSE “sustainability”. It is a nice sounding word, but it is actually a war on free enterprise. It is also known as “Agenda 21” and now “Agenda 2030”. It is a program designed to do away with the suburbs and your private property rights.


Create department that cleans out the drainage system and also put in proper drainage along Bees Ferry Rd.

No more using tax dollars for private sector building.

STOP the city’s plan to turn the right lanes on 61 and 17 into bus lanes only and the left lane into toll lanes only! This MUST BE STOPPED or your freedom of movement will be greatly curtailed.

Stop the city’s plan to change zoning laws where they will be allowed to start building massive apartment buildings in single family neighborhoods (they call it “diversity of land use”… is really about getting you out of single family homes).


Allow single family home owners to do short term rentals. The government has no business prohibiting homeowners from doing this. For many, it is the only way they can afford to stay in their homes.

OPPOSE Regionalism. Regionalism creates non-elected boards to plan your city. This takes away your voice.

ENOUGH with studies. It is time to start DOING something about the flooding.

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Sheri Irwin For Mayor of Charleston